Saturday, August 6, 2011

First Day of School

Here's our history lesson: last year on July 18th, (or maybe 19th) we arrived home with Lily. I was already in the groove of home schooling our older two daughters, and Tim and I had decided that we would try to home school everyone:) This was a big undertaking, but we both agreed that we felt it was best for our family, and we were told by several adoption gurus that this would probably be very beneficial to Lily and us during the bonding process. Plus, we totally felt God was leading us to this anyway.
The year went well overall, but throughout my year of teaching Lily, I have come to the conclusion that Lily definitely has some dysgraphia issues - this is a writing issue. It's also linked to dyslexia. Lily is very bright, and her language development has been and continues to be incredible! But, I have felt that she would benefit from one or possibly two years of education at our local school. I am thrilled to say that she has a wonderful teacher and assistant teacher - both of whom I already know through church. She is also in the same classroom as my niece and quite a few other children that have just left our church's preschool program.
I was apprehensive when leaving her, but she had a great day. I am praying that this year will allow her to grow educationally, socially, and physically. Educationally, she will recieve English as a second-language services, regular class-room attention, and she may be pulled out for extra attention if she does struggle in the classroom. Although Lily is not socially handicapped by any stretch, she does seem to still be trying to find her place. I think this will give her the opportunity to have friends that are truly her friends and not Annie's or Molly Kate's friends that happen to play with her as well. And physically, she will have more opportunities with playground equipment and just the exercise of moving from class to cafeteria to art, etc. than she has had at home.

School started this past Thursday. Friday was off, and Monday they'll really get going. Lily is doing great - I'm the one who is still struggling with it some.

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